Pediatric Eyes


You can expect the most comforting and friendly environment possible for your child at Boulder Eye Surgeons. Most initial exams in children take from 1 to 2 hours, depending on the eye problem. Getting your child’s attention using moving toys and movies not only allows Dr. Nichols to provide the most accurate examination possible, but it’s also fun!

Pediatric Eye Care

Many children are hesitant about eye drops. During the initial exam, eye drops will be used to dilate the pupils. This allows Dr. Nichols to examine the structures inside the eye. In addition, if a child needs glasses, the correct prescription can only be determined after the drops have been used. The drops used in children are different than those used in adults, and it is not unusual for the eyes to stay dilated for the remainder of the day. Sunlight and light will seem “brighter” but will not harm the eyes while the dilation is wearing off.

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