Intraocular Lens Options


IOLs are soft, foldable lenses that are inserted into the eye to replace the natural lens that developed the cataract. These lenses are also viable options for some patients who have not yet developed cataracts but want to reduce or eliminate their need for glasses with a procedure known as Refractive Lens Exchange or RLE. Cataract surgery and Refractive Lens Exchange are identical procedures. The only difference is that with RLE, the lens is still mostly clear. Made of plastic or silicone materials, IOLs come with monofocal, multifocal, extended depth of focus or accommodating optics.


Monofocal IOLs provide a single zone of clear focus and are usually implanted to provide excellent distance vision. Patients with monofocal IOLs will typically require the use of reading glasses for near vision tasks, such as reading or sewing.


Multifocal, extended depth of focus and accommodating IOLs (Advanced IOLs) are designed to provide a fuller range of vision with minimal, if any, need for glasses or contact lenses.

At Boulder Eye Surgeons, we specialize in the implantation of the most popular Advanced Technology IOLs such as the Tecnis Toric, the CrystalensTM accommodating IOL, the Trulign Toric accommodating IOL, the Symfony extended depth of focus IOL (EDOF) and the Symfony Toric EDOF IOL.


The lens that is right for you will depend on your ocular health, your occupational needs and your lifestyle. It is important that you consider your options thoroughly as you only have cataract surgery one time in your life, and the decision you make will affect how you see for the rest of your life.

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