What are Cataracts and the Symptoms?

If you are having trouble with night driving, glare from headlights, golf, reading, watching TV or any of the things you like to do and feel your lifestyle has been impaired due to these issues, you may be experiencing the early stages of developing cataracts. The natural lens inside the eye is normally transparent and a cataract is the clouding of this natural lens. Glasses or contact lenses cannot sharpen your vision if a cataract is present.

Normal Vision & Vision with a Cataract

Cataracts are a normal part of the aging process. Most people will develop cataracts if they live long enough. There is no medical treatment to reverse or prevent the development of cataracts. Once they form, the only way to see clearly again is to have them removed and replaced with an intraocular lens (IOL). In general, when your vision starts to interfere with your daily activities and lifestyle, it is time to think about having cataract surgery. Cataracts will typically not damage the eye while growing, so you can decide when the time is right for you to have cataract surgery.


Cataract surgery is a very successful operation. Three million people have this procedure every year and greater than 95% have a successful result. As with any surgical procedure, complications can occur during or after surgery and some are severe enough to limit vision. But in most cases, vision, as well as the quality of life, improves.

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